A Taste of Newport

A delicious flavor combination of cinnamon and anise

On a recent trip to Newport, Rhode Island with my sister to attend the International Tennis Hall of Fame Championships, I discovered there is much more to Newport than vibrant vistas, terrific tennis, and friendly folk.  Throughout our trip, we were presented with delicious delicacies at various venues around town.  I typically do not take myself for a foodie, but that seems to be changing as the years go by.  My sister and I stayed at a historic B&B, The Samuel Durfee House, run by a husband and wife.  The husband presented tasty breakfasts daily, but my favorite by far was the Peruvian Sweet Bread French Toast.  Having never tasted Peruvian Sweet Bread, we were in for a treat.  It is a bread that acquires its distinctive flavor from a touch of anise.  The cinnamon never hurts, but the anise definitely gives it its distinctive flavor.  With a bit of research, I discovered this bread is traditionally baked in ovens with eucalyptus leaves.  Maybe our host added this special touch to make the bread that much more tasty.

Succulent Sea Treats

Succulent Sea Treats

After having so many wonderful meals over the course of the week, I opted for an appetizer as my meal during our visit to Castle Hill, a beautiful historic structure overlooking the waterways around Newport.  Crab cakes definitely rate high on my list of favorite foods, and Newport’s restaurants didn’t let me down.  It was unseasonably chilly for July in New England, so a pot of hot tea was the perfect addition to the evening’s meal.

Fabulous Homemade Fudge

The trip to Newport was in celebration of my sister’s birthday, and after conversing with the manager of Castle Hill, we were surprised ever so pleasantly with his presentation of a taste of their homemade fudge in honor of her big day.  Having already indulged in the restaurant’s large portioned Crème Brulee, the fudge was the proverbial “icing on the cake.”   If you ever have the opportunity to dine at Castle Hill, be sure to partake in this mouthwatering, delectable treat.  You won’t regret it!
Cupcakes by the Courts

The day of the finals, we attended a luncheon hosted by Brooks Brothers for the legends of tennis in attendance at the tournament.  The cupcakes that graced the table were not only delicious, but perfect décor for the theme of the week.  I felt we were transported back to the deep south, with festive daisies, pitchers of sweet lemonade and appropriately decorated tennis-themed cupcakes all arranged atop a tablecloth of blue and white seersucker.  So after a week of unsurpassed tennis and fabulous food, this foodie-in-the-making highly recommends making a trip to Newport in July part of any summer travels to New England!